The Oysters

We choose only our best oysters to sell at our shop.

Halfshell   $20
Halfshell $20

A succulent mouthful of large oysters. Oh the wonder.

Halfshell 1/2 Doz.   $10
Halfshell 1/2 Doz. $10

Large oysters for those who want a quick taste with an unforgettable experience!

Omaha Cocktail Oysters   $15
Omaha Cocktail Oysters $15

A dozen juicy, succulent, plumb small oysters, perfect for celebrating with a bottle of bubbly or on the deck at home.

Wholeshell 2 Doz. Bag   $20
Wholeshell 2 Doz. Bag $20

Only the best, deepest medium size oyster.

Oyster Tub 200 mL  $15
Oyster Tub 200 mL $15

Jam packed with oysters we never count we just jam! In the oysters own liquor.

Experience the Adventure!
Experience the Adventure!

Unlock the secret taste of the wild oyster to release your inner swell..

How to open an Oyster

Matakana Oysters Educational Series - How to open a Pacific Oyster with a butter knife!