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Our Story


Matakana Oysters at The Green Shed started in 2006. When a couple of oyster farmers were being booted out from one of the Grandfathers of oyster farming’s base, with no home and a rusted out yellow ute, they approached another oyster farming pair that were off to the bright lights of Australia who had an old Green Shed for rent in the sleepy, sheepy valleys of Matakana. From what began as a Friday read the newspaper, drink a six pack of lion red and serve the local drive-thru clientele (literally could drive in and out), no power, no phone, a leaky roof and three owners of the property now stands a unique, individual oyster shop selling quality oysters for all to enjoy.


We started selling only the wholeshell oysters but when Rodney Council caught up with us after three years of operating a bootleg oyster operation we had to get proper and get consented.  Matakana got busy and we got an oyster opening room to shuck the sea fruits. We now proudly produce Wholeshell, Halfshell and Pottle Pacific Oysters, fresh off the Mahurangi Harbour daily and over the weekends. We believe in a real oyster farmer environment that lives off the racounteur and scallywag charm. We also believe that we can produce a damn tasty oyster for a fair price for any oyster lover to enjoy.

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